All about spandex men's swimwear.

Of all the swimwear styles on the market today by far the most exciting are all spandex men's swimwear designs. This covers a lot of territory. The range goes from Speedos briefs to micro shorts, bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other more extreme styles. In each style category such as bikinis you have many sub groups: Brazilian bikinis, string bikinis, sheer bikinis, semi sheer bikinis, high cut bikinis, bikini with built in rings, male enhancement bikinis, fem style bikinis and a number of other styles I will discuss in upcoming posts. The same rings true for spandex men's swimwear thongs which not only come in as many different styles as do men's bikini but they might just be the most exciting designs of all spandex swimsuits.

Speedos for Men Look Good No Matter What

If you are looking for the hottest speedos for men fashions but you are afraid that you won't be able to find anything that will suit your body type, then you haven’t been looking hard enough. There are so many designs out there on the internet that you could spend the next week looking through them and still not scratch the surface completely. You have to understand that there are a lot of guys that love wearing speedos and they are always wanting to wear something that no one else is wearing. Because of this the designers are doing everything in their power to make new designs that no else is making.

If you were to take a couple of hours to look around at the speedos for men designs online you would definitely find something that you could wear, no matter what type of body you have. Now some people may not like looking at your body walking around in a speedo but what do they know? They don’t understand the feeling you get while wearing something like this and they probably never will. As long as you are happy with yourself and your body there is no need to worry about what other people might think. Get out there and wear that speedo and smile at the world that is trying to keep you locked away.

If you have never worn speedos for men but re interesting in giving them a shot now is the perfect time to start looking for them. You are going to get the best possible prices at this time of the year and before you know t you will be walking around the beach in summer looking sexier than ever. You just have to build up your confidence a little bit and pick out a design that will make your body look the best it ever has. That shouldn’t be all that difficult for you to do.

Unlimited options with spandex men’s swimwear styles.


Your swimwear options are absolutely huge when you make the switch to 极光vpm破解无限版 styles. If you are used to wearing shorts as your swimwear get ready to be blown away! Shorts are shorts are shorts, sure you can change the pattern, color or length but in the end they are going to look pretty much the same, shorts nothing exciting just the same old thing. When you switch to spandex men’s swimwear it is game on! You now can choose a multitude of skin tight, shorts that will highlight your body and let you stand out from the crowd and that is only the beginning. There are many different types of shorts. Jammer style like what Speedo makes, micro shorts which are all the rage, pouch style shorts witch highlight the shape and size of the pouch, this includes enhancement style pouches that level the playing field for men with smaller packages. Spandex men’s swimwear shorts can even be extreme styles. Shorts that show off a ton of cheek, male to female transformation shorts that make you look like a girl, Penis shaped pouch shorts like the wild styles from and even spandex shorts that feature cock rings, butt plugs and more. Is this starting to get your juices flowing? This is just the start! There are bikinis in every shape and style. Bikinis are some of the hottest style for men. Younger guys are really getting into them but in shape men of any age look great in a bikini. Bikinis are no longer just for European beaches. You now see men all over the world wearing designer bikinis many of which are as skimpy as what the ladies wear. Bikinis like shorts come in enough different styles and sub styles to make your head spin. String bikinis, micro and ultra micro bikinis for men, bulge and bulge enhancing bikinis, sheer and semi sheer bikinis, plug powered bikinis (these are spandex men’s swimwear styles that feature butt plugs and Ass Sparks. These are cutting edge fashions made in the USA and wild as hell to wear) and don’t forget what may be the most explosive trend of all, Femme style bikinis that change to look of your equipment to completely female. I have tried these suits and I guarantee they will blow your mind. I’m a straight guy but was amazed that I was able to look completely female. It is a game changer and something I highly recommend trying. One of my go to beach bikinis will be a femme style this coming summer. I started with one bikini in my spandex men’s swimwear collection and I now have over thirty! The truth is that once you feel spandex on your body, skin tight hugging every curve and showing off all that hard work you have done at the gym it will be virtually impossible to go back to regular baggy shorts. There are so many spandex men’s swimwear styles to choose from and we have not even touched upon thong swimsuits one of the most popular “now” styles and the most extreme G-string and pouch only swimsuits. Thongs are available in a multitude of sub styles including micro bulge, string side thongs, large bulge and bulge enhancement styles with built in cock rings, femme style transformation thongs, sheer and semi sheer thongs, high, mid cut and low cut thongs and the list goes on. Once you get into wearing spandex I promise you will never be board or at a loss for something new to try. Spandex fashions for men are an ever evolving dynamic trend. Once you catch the spandex swimwear bug there is no turning back you might even become a spandex lover.  

Spandex mens swimwear

Bulge pouch style spandex men's swimwear designs by Koala. Some of these styles have built in adjustable cock rings to keep the pouch nice and full no matter how small you are.

Huge Sale at Koala Men's Swimwear designs. Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings and other wild styles!
Spandex tights and leggings

Spandex men's swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes. Micro shorts are one of the hottest segments in all of men's swimwear! This design is called the Lady Gear Micro Shorts and is one of the best selling styles of short shorts for men. These can be used as swimwear, workout shorts or even out and around town. Male to female transformation is extremely trendy and many men choose not to identify as male or female. As you can see by the pouch these shorts repackage the penis to the shape of a very lovely vagina. Sexual preference has little to do with the different men who wear these hot shorts. Gay, straight, bi or transgender a design like this can give you an entirely new look.

You are a man and you should be proud of that fact. The spandex men's swimwear design above is know as a male form suit. This is a short shaft style that keeps the wearer looking small and lively. There are other designs created to highlight the full size of your equipment. They are all available in G-strings, thongs and bikinis. There are even some new male form shorts on the scene. You might not see these swimsuits on conservative beaches but go to any happening one and you will spot a few. Visit some of the wilder pool parties in Palm Springs and Las Vegas and you should get an eyeful. How much more extreme is a male form designed suit compared to a pair of board shorts. You guess who is going to get all the attention!


All the New swimwear and spandex micro shorts were just added to

Spandex men's swimwear pouch only styles are considered the world's smallest men's swimwear designs. They are also known as nude tanning experience swimwear. As you can see you would get the same exact tan as you would nude less the penis burn. These styles are available in male form designs like this suit which offers a virtual penis shape of smooth bulge designs which cover everything but look like a lovely half egg shape.

This is a moderate pouch bikini. Great lines that flow along the front and rear with a non lined pouch which shows just the right amount of bulge shape. Many use this style of spandex men's swimwear as their go to suit that can be used at any lake, beach, pool party in fact any get together where you need to be in a swimsuit. I keep a suit like this with me at all times. For the most part I enjoy wearing an extreme micro thong or G-string but I  can use a bikini like this as a cover up or when the surf gets too ruff for a micro swimsuit.

Brazilian rear bikinis have been extremely popular with the girls worldwide for years but did you know they have been well received by men too. Brazilian bikinis show some cheek but not nearly as much as a thong swimsuit.

This design is considered a standard design for spandex men's swimwear along with full back bikinis and shorts for use at any beach. Brazilian bikinis are a great choice for any public event. They are extremely sexy and perfect for men with the confidence to show some skin.

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A natural flow of male to female transformation style goes right into bikinis and thongs. As beautiful as many spandex men's swimwear designs are these just might be the most lovely with a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine style. This swimsuit styles are becoming more popular every day. Expect to see men wearing these on the hottest beaches of SoCal, Miami and many European locations with a possible worldwide explosion of this style swimsuit next season.


Extreme spandex men's swimwear

Going all in with Spandex men’s swimwear


As my dad used to say in for a dime in for a dollar, that saying could not be more perfect if you apply it to wearing spandex men’s swimwear. I believe that once you start wearing spandex men’s swimwear it is all down from there. When I say down I mean going down to smaller and smaller designs as you become more comfortable wearing them. You first spandex men’s swimwear style might be a pair of form fitting spandex shorts or maybe even a Speedo. These swimsuits might at first feel strikingly small compared to the board shorts you were wearing before them. When I talk about going all in with spandex men’s swimwear I am talking about the changes in your perception as you become more at home wearing a particular designs. I started by wearing Speedos and at first I could not believe guys would walk around wearing such a tiny swimsuit is was absolutely a huge change for me. I started wearing them in high school for my swim team and it was the first time I had competed swimming and the first time I had ever tried on a Speedo. At the beach we would never think about wearing one, looking back I believe it is more about be self-conscience about my body at the time even though I was very fit and trim. I felt naked wearing a Speedo almost like everyone could see my bulge and would be staring at it. Fast forward to today and I love that everyone can make out the shape and size of my bulge when I wear swimsuits that are so small you could make a dozen of them out of my old Speedo! Keep in mind most guys do not go from wearing shorts or a Speedo to an ultra-micro thong that is not how it works for most men. It is about going one step at a time. I started with Speedos and when I became totally comfortable wearing them in all situations I decided to try bikinis. I loved the way they looked and even though they were quite a bit smaller than my Speedos and made me feel a little self-conscience again I knew I would be able to do it. Now even the smallest bikini feels like I’m wearing a lot of suit and wearing a Speedo feels like I’m wearing a full body suit. It changes your entire perception but it does take time and practice. This will come as long as you are into wearing spandex men’s swimwear, size and sexiness are bound to follow.

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